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Media Project

Cross-cultural Story Reflection

My cross-cultural story was based on a photo essay of Ramadan 2012. As a Muslim I thought it was such a perfect time to do a story on Ramadan and I really enjoyed the photography class this year, so why not incorporate something I’ve learnt this year. By completing the photo essay, I wanted to capture the audiences eyes through my photos by inviting them to see how my family celebrates Ramadan. Every culture has a different way of celebrating Ramadan and for the Indonesian culture, Ramadan is the biggest celebration in the country.

The challenges I faced was time. We were given the assessment brief two weeks before the Ramadan celebration and I wanted to capture photos that represent the meaning of Ramadan. But I submitted my cross-cultural story on time and it was ready to be published on the Sydney TAFE Media website. I wanted to go out to other places and explore the different cultures that celebrate Ramadan, although it wasn’t possible because we had our own celebration. I got the chance to visit the Gallipoli Mosque in Auburn and I put my time to capture the most outstanding photos. As I was in the Mosque, I started to build more ideas for my story and through this investigation, it was my own personal journey through my religion and it made me realise how beautiful Islam is.

As I gathered my photos, I wanted to do something with my photos and somehow showcase these beautiful photos. I came across to the International Ramadan Photography Competition 2012 and two of my photos were in the running of the competition. It was a great opportunity to share my Ramadan photos to the world and to be inspired by the amazing photos from different countries. I didn’t get into the top 15, but my photo of the mosque was featured in the UK based, Islamic Arts and Architecture Magazine. For me I personally thought it was one of my best achievements and I learnt that sometimes you should take any opportunity you have.

If I was to conduct a similar exercise next time and if I had more time to prepare, I would actually like to visit other places and maybe from there I would have a different creative idea. It would be amazing if I got the chance to travel around the world to Muslim countries and capture such mind blowing photos.



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