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Cross-cultural photo essay on Ramadan

It’s been a while since I last posted an update on my work. Where do I start now? I have finally completed my photo essay on Ramadan and it should be published on our Petersham TAFE website soon. But I’m glad my cross cultural story is completed!

Recently I have entered the “International Ramadan Photography Competition 2012” and I submitted 3 photos for this entry, but only 2 of my photos got accepted. I thought entering this competition would be great to show case your photography skills and sharing photos of the Holy month of Ramadan to the world. The competition ends on the 5th of September and the winners will be announced.

Anyways to get to the point, one of my photos got featured in the Islamic Arts & Architecture Magazine based in the UK. I am thrilled to have my photo published from a UK magazine and I didn’t expect this at all because there are so many breathtaking photos!

One thing I will always remember from this experience, “When capturing a photo, you must be passionate in order to satisfy an achievement”.

Thank you Verity for giving me this opportunity to capture the moments of Ramadan.

Here’s the link to my photo that was featured in the Islamic Arts & Architecture Magazine based in the UK –





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