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Media Project

First entry

In Media Project we’re able to do anything we’re interested in and that wasn’t hard at all to decide, so I want to focus in Public Relations since that’s what I want to pursue as my career.

We have a group of girls in the promotion team; Lizzie, Jess, Annie & Desiree. Our plan is to relaunch the Sydney TAFE Media; radio, website & television in a couple of weeks. We have upcoming events we need to focus on such as; Pop up at Martin Place, Nation Skills at NIDA, Open day for TAFE at Ultimo and finally the Petersham TAFE Open Day.

This morning we had a discussion with Natalie about those upcoming events and she gave us some ideas on where to get started. The first thing we came up with was a SWOT analysis. We wrote all our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Lizzie and I came up with a list for the reformation on how we can improve the social media sites. We plan to have a group meeting soon and discuss about this. So far I like this subject because we are free to do anything we like and I’ve always wanted to focus in PR, so I think this it’s a great opportunity!

As part of our assessment task, we must complete a cross-cultural story and I wanted to focus with photography because I enjoyed last semester’s class. Since this is the month of Ramadan, I thought it would be a great idea to do a photo essay on Ramadan Eid celebration. I was actually thinking about visiting a mosque in Auburn or Lakemba and I want to take beautiful shots of the mosque. I think that would be a good angle to start my photo essay.

Below I have a rough plan for my photo essay:

  • Sahur (meal before dawn)
  • Qur’an
  • Iftar (evening meal for breaking fast) – after dark, feast, family, dates
  • Taraweh (relaxing prayer) – Lakemba, Auburn, Tempe mosque
  • Eid Celebration – people praying, greetings, open house, feast, family, fun

I also found these links that were inspiring for me:





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