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Women are smarter than men

In the past people have thought that men are smarter than women because during the medieval times women did not have an education, a job and the closest they could do was to be a housewife. Now in today’s society women are becoming more powerful such as the mining magnate Gina Rinehart.

In nature’s society, women and men cannot be compared because of the differences they have and as an individual performance. At the end of the day, we are human beings and no one is perfect. Everyone has their own strongest and weakest capabilities.

However women are great in multi-tasking than men who generally excel at single tasks and men tend to focus more when concentrating in a particular task. Women have more challenges in life than men which helps them to prepare the future and the most challenging experience a woman goes through giving birth to a new born baby. Women tend to have a far better understanding of their own emotional state giving them superior communication skills and a higher success rate at reading the emotions of others compared to men.

When it comes to a point in life where we need to make a decision, men believe the faster way to a solution is to go straight. For women, the faster way to go to a solution is to fix every angle of each curve. Women also tend to handle situations better than men and this is an advantage when under pressure. This helps them to prepare the upcoming challenges in life ahead and through these challenges women are more patient. Women tend to mature faster and they make better decisions and do the right things such as being more productive than men.

Overall, women are smarter than men in many ways whether it be physical such as giving birth to a new baby born or handling mixed emotions. Women are considered to be strong and as the years come by, women will become more dominant.



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