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Rosebery residents say NO to McDonald’s second attempt

  • Audience: The target audience for this article are the local residents of Rosebery
  • Publication: The publication is aimed at the “Southern Courier newspaper” and they believe a stronger connection with the local community is important.
  • Purpose: The purpose of this article is to write about a current issue within the Rosebery community. It is based on McDonald’s second attempt to build a 24/7 hour restaurant and residents are doing their best to stop the issue.

Resident Anna-Marie Venites is a mother of two. She loves her sleep and enjoys taking her children to McDonald’s as a treat. But one thing that’s making her upset is McDonald’s second attempt of building a 24/7 hour restaurant across her home.

However, there are pros and cons of having a fast food chain in your local area. Some people love for the convenience and the employment opportunities they create for young people, while others simply dislike their unhealthy food.

Last year McDonald’s failed to get a development application approved in Rosebery. They had plans to build a late-trading franchise which would share a 76-space car park with Dan Murphy’s liquor store. The residents of Rosebery did not like the combination of having a 24/7 hour restaurant and a liquor store. A submission by the Rosebery Residents Action Group (RRAG) was against the proposed development that attracted the attention of City of Sydney Councillors. This proposed development leaded to many concerns such as the social problems it could create for teenagers and traffic was also mentioned as a huge issue.

Now the fast food giant is attempting another chance and this time they have an $8.4 million plan for a 24/7 hour restaurant on the corner of Hayes Street and Botany Road. Rosebery residents and businesses have continued to voice their opposition to plans by McDonald’s.

The new application does not include a liquor store on site, but it is suspected there is a hidden agenda. The application is not only for McDonald’s but for a multi-stage development, with stage-two currently “undisclosed”. Residents are complaining that McDonald’s wouldn’t be up front about their plans.

Once again the RRAG has proposed a submission against this conflict. There are still concerns with this application such as significant road and traffic changes included. They believe it will create traffic chaos in the streets of Rosebery and it could possibly become into a late night hang-out area which could attract crime, litter and other anti-social behavior.

Ever since McDonald’s was closed at Eastlakes in 2007, there was a 15% drop in crime. The Rosebery residents are afraid if there’s an increase in crime and because of that reason McDonald’s was rejected at their second attempt at Eastlakes.

Resident Anna-Marie Venites was frustrated when she heard McDonald’s second attempt of the proposal.

“As a community member, I am very concerned with a 24/7 hour restaurant. There will be more busy traffic and increase in crime. I will have more concern for my family’s safety”.

“They can’t always have McDonald’s on every corner and they should really think about how our residents would feel. Besides there’s already a McDonald’s restaurant near the airport and that should be enough. Especially with the traffic here, it would create more tension”, she said.

Not only does McDonald’s have a restaurant near the airport but places close by to Rosebery such as Waterloo and Kingsford already have a McDonald’s store. Rosebery residents believe there is no point of building a restaurant in their area.

“The fact that last year McDonald’s wanted to share a 76-space car park with Dan Murphy is just not a great combination at all. This would encourage anti-social behaviour and disturbing noises. People are going to be there using the car park as a beer garden. Who knows but this may be hidden under the agenda. “This is just not acceptable to our community and we will do anything to stop them”, said Anna-Marie Venites.

Rosebery residents can have their say in this concerning issue. You can write an email to the city council and tell them how you feel about this matter. Signing the petition at “Espresso on Haynes” at the corner of Hayes and Botany Road will also help to get your voice across. Spread the word to your family, friends and neighbours and lastly join the new Facebook group “Say No to Maccas in Rosebery”.



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