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We the Students for Equal Rights (S.F.E.R) have finally finished our group assignment on “Same-sex marriages in Australia and their rights”. It’s been a long couple of weeks in gathering information, research, discussion and hard work!

As a group we communicated to each other very well and it was such a pleasure working with the S.F.E.R. We were always constantly updating each other about what we’ve been up to or other research materials as our evidence. Everyone in the group made their own contribution such as researching, writing, conducting interviews and editing videos.

From the beginning, we had a plan to present this assignment as a current affair video and it’s not easy when you have a group assignment because it is hard to get everyone together. We then decided to change the format to our amazing blog! We also thought it would be an excellent idea to show case our progress throughout the assignment.

If I had the chance to do this group assignment again, I wouldn’t want to leave the editing part to the last minute so then we have the opportunity to perfect everything. But overall, I enjoyed doing this group assignment! I have learnt many things and I hope there will be changes soon in our Australian society.

Please visit our link: www.studentsforequalrights.wordpress.com



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