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Australia is the dream!

My family and I just recently got back from overseas. We went to Indonesia for 2 weeks and it has been about 2 years since we last went there. During our time in Indonesia, we traveled to different places and it was wonderful to see my grandparents and relatives! I also met new people with different stories with such a hard life. One thing I’ll never forget is the instructor for the elephant ride in Bali. We had a conversation about Australia because he asked me what it’s like over here. He was telling me how lucky I am to come to Bali for a holiday compared to him because his at Bali to work for his family. He told me has 2 young boys but his family lives in another province and he only gets to visit them every 2 or 3 years. He can’t afford to purchase plane tickets to his home town, so he goes on a bus to travel there and it would take about 2-3 days. Just by going on an elephant ride for 30 minutes with the instructor, I realize we have it easy here in Australia. We have so many opportunities and sometimes we tend to forget about that. We sometimes complain about the most smallest things and yet we’re still not satisfied. Some kids there don’t have the opportunity to get an education because they don’t have the money and instead of going to school, you see them in the streets begging for money.  I know that people in Indonesia would fight to come to Australia for a better life and that is why my Dad migrated here. He wanted my sister and I to have a better life than him. I’m thankful to live in Australia and one day I would like to help for those who are unfortunate in Indonesia. Australia is a dream country! We are filled with opportunities, happiness and support! I love Australia!!



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