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Working on a group story

Group: Students For Equal Rights (S.F.E.R)
Members: Annie English, Claudia Rusman, Jessica Davoren, Shannon Luxford, Adele Houston, Lizzie Chakhachiro And Desiree Belcastro.

1. The ‘Students For Equal Rights’ Theme Sentence: Addressing the subject of same-sex relationships and their rights in Australia’s modernised society.

2. a) The S.F.E.R will share their information mainly by using a Facebook group that has been created especially for this assignment. They will also keep all information in a folder named “S.F.E.R Project” on every member’s Tafe USB, which will insure that every members work is backed up and every member has access to the information and work.

b) For the next few weeks the group will utilise their lunch breaks and any spare time during the Tafe day to meet, discuss and complete any work that needs to be completed for this assignment. If needed at a later date the group will re-evaluate this and find extra time to meet outside of Tafe.

c) At the moment every member of the S.F.E.R are researching the topic and gathering background information. Next week during one of the meetings the S.F.E.R will as a group assign each member with a main focus e.g. Shannon as Videographer, Desiree as Photographer and main Interviewer and Annie as one of the writers. All members will assist on each focus and participate in every aspect of this assignment.

d) The equipment that the S.F.E.R will need is:
• Video camera
• Still camera
• Sound recorder
• External microphone
• Access to Sydney Tafe radio
• Photoshop
• Notepads and stationary
• Individual USB
• Access to Internet and computers



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